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July 21- July 27
(Adriatic Sea, Cervia)
September 14 - September 21
(Mallorca, Palmanova)
January 2nd - January 10th 2025
(Tenerife, Los Cristianos)

SportSpirit story

Hello guys,

My passion for sports started 15 years ago when I first time stepped onto a volleyball court.

Since than, I have achieved a lot of things:
I played for a professional team in Saint Petersburg for many years.
I was selected for the Russian Junior National team and I also became a vice champion of my age in beach volleyball.
Living in Russia was a nice thing but I've been always searching for an international experience that will "open doors" towards something unusual and new!

That's why I moved to France at the age of 18 and that's how my international experience as player and entrepreneur started abroad!
In France, I played in several pro teams and I met people from all over the World. After several years in France, I decided to focus on my studies and to switch from indoor volleyball to beach volleyball.
By that time, I was already taking part in different international beach volleyball coaching projects for kids and teenagers.
Once I got my Master degree in Sport Management I started to think about my own beach volleyball company.
I was saying to myself: I've achieved a lot in this sport and I know how to coach and I speak several languages, so I should use it to develop something great and to share my knowledge. That's how my company SportSpirit was born.
Our official website:

Today, SportSpirit is specializing in sports holidays for people from all over the World.

We organize sport beach volleyball camps in great locations by the seaside, we teach people to play beach volleyball by promoting a healthy lifestyle and by connecting people from different parts of the world in one place.
In other words, we promote a healthy lifestyle without language barriers and no culture borders! In our last events, we connected players from: France, Germany, Russia, Canada, Australia, Latvia, Finland, Israel, Tunisia, Italy, Greece, England and Ukraine etc.

From this year, we have an opportunity to develop sports holidays for kids and teenagers in the South of France and also start to promote a beach volleyball healthy lifestyle for companies, so we're currently working on these things!

My best motivation is to share this unique international sports experience with others, make people's lives more active and give them an opportunity to meet and to exchange the cultural things between each other.
I would like to show people that the World has been changed, so today we live with «no borders» and «no cultural prejudice» and our beach volleyball events are proving it every time!
I would like to keep sharing this in the future though our beach volleyball events.

Olga Troshina
Creator and the head coach
Coaches that attended our camps:
International players and coaches with many years of experience.
  • Olga Troshina
    Founder & Head coach of SportSpirit
    International player from Russia
    FIVB coach of Beach Volleyball
  • Andreas Savvides

    National Team player (Cyprus)
    Head Coach Cyprus Women Beachvolleyball
    Andreas took part in our Beach Volleyball in Mallorca
  • Erika Kliokmanaite

    International Beach Volley from Lithuania
    Winner of Spanish National Tour of Beach Volleyball
    Erika took part in SportSpirit camp in Bibione (Italy)
  • Stephane Canet

    French National team player
    French National Team coach
    Stephane was a coach during our SportSpirit Beach Volleyball camp in Cote d'Azur
  • Cati Pol

    World tour player for many years
    Ex player from Spanish National team
    Indoor and Beach Volleyball coach in Spain
    Cati took part in SportSpirit Beach Volleyball camp in Mallorca
  • Jérémy Ullmann

    International level Beach Volleyball player
    French Beach Volleyball champion
    World Tour 1 star player
    Jeremy took part in SportSpirit Beach Volleyball camp in Le Lavandou
  • Patrizio Lupi

    International Beach Volleyball player
    International Beach Coach
    Owner of the biggest Beach Volleyball club in Belgium
  • Giacomo Titta

    International Beach Volley player
    Italian National Top player


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