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Invitation to Budapest Beach Volleyball weekend in March

Dear friends, 

If you want to spend a weekend away from home at the end of March, join us during our next Beach Volleyball event in Budapest!

The schedule of the Beach Volleyball weekend : 

March 28

9:00—10:30 - first training session (group#1)
10:30—12:30 first training session (group#2)

14:00—16:00 - lunch in the local restaurant in the city center

16:00—17:30 - second training session (group#1)
17:30—19:00 - second training session (group#2)

20:00—23:00 - dinner and visit of famous baths in Budapest!

March 29

9:00—10:30 - first training session (group#1)
10:30—12:00 - first training session (group#2)

17:00—20:00 - Open tournament with prizes

20:30—23:00 - dinner, walking tour in the heart of Budapest

The sign up here: