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Improve your receive with SportSpirit

Reception is the second most difficult element in volleyball, after blocking! 
Stable receive requires a good technique, the ability to move quick and the abilty to read  the oncoming actions of the player on the serve.

Following you will find the main components of the successful reception: 
1) Ability to “read” the game of a server 
2) Ability to move quick 
3) Ability to calculate the trajectory between the point of the serve and the point of receive 
4) Basic technique of receiving (good touch) 
5) Ability to imagine and to calculate the ending point (hand of the setter)

There are a lot of useful exercises to improve your game and here is one of them! 
The drill you will find below is suitable for the intermediate/advanced levels.

The main idea of this exercise is to make players work on the lateral reception by being in the uncomfortable position (in the middle of the court) from the beginning and to practice the movements toward the sidelines. 

At the same time, the players on the serve are working the precision of the serve. We like this drill because all of the players are involved. 

If you loved this drill, share it with your volleyball friends ;)