Spring Colours Sport Festival
Strasbourg | March,17
About the festival
Spring Running Festival is an annual sport event, where we come together to overcome ourselves, become stronger and spend a great time running the city
Note the marathon program
March,17 / 2017
March, 16 / Friday
12:00 – Registration of a participants: Avenue de la Paix
March, 17 / Saturday
9:00 – Start working of luggage storage, dressing rooms opening, opening a start zone
10:30 – Race start
13:00 – Winner's reward ceremony
14:00 – Closing ceremony
See a race map
The whole way is 6,3 kilometers and the track comes through the city centre, starting at the city garden territory, we well run to the north, till the Agulis, 5 corner, then to the east near the cathedral and then we will make a loop thru western part of the city and will run the coastal road to the finish.
On Spring Colours sport festival we run in support of city culture, social activity and high quality leisure!
Meeting point
April, 17 / 18 Avenue de la Paix, Strasbourg

All participants should come together at 9:00 at the city centre. The starting point is a central square near the northern entrance to Parc du Contades.
Meet our sponsors
Contact us by phone or e-mail if you want to become a sponsor of the marathon
See how was the first spring marathon begun?
The first Spring marathon was held in 2014. The main idea was to make the marathon is to bring it to a mass community and to make it a sports culture of the city and create an active season event. There were more than 3000 participants taking part in a festival and mere than 300 volunteers. We want to make it an annual parade of fun and happiness!
See our terms of participation
Please, note this if you are going to participate. We take care of your health and general scurity
You must be 10 years old and more to participate in the marathon in day of competition.
You must bring a photocopy and the origina of the medical certificate in the day of registration.
No alcohol
You can not take part in the marathon in alcohol intoxication.
No propaganda
Do not make any propaganda actions including flags, manifestation and posters.
If the you are unable to participate, the entry fee and other orders that has been paid will not be refunded.
For latecomers
All participants that haven't reached the finish line till 13:00 will not be listed in the official results.
We answered here most frequently questions you could ask
If you have some questions, please write us on our e-mail: city@marathon.rn
You ask:
Do you have a medicine centre for an accidents?
Yes, we have 7 medical points on the track with ambulances.
Is there any contact if I have troubles with registering?
Yes—please contact our support by calling +673 2225 17 27 or contact us on our official facebook page
Where can I find my BIB number?
Your bib number will be posted to the race website the week of the race. Also it will be sent to your mailbox.
Can I walk the track?
Yes, you are welcome to participate. All participants must maintain at least a 15 min/mile pace.
Registration for the marathon
We need some information to registrate you as participant. We will send you a confirmation during 3 hours.
You agree with our Terms and Conditions
+1 123 456 78 90

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