5 reasons why you should join i Mizuno Beach Marathon!

Reason №1
Every year 10 000 players come to play Beach Volley Marathon!
To deal with this amount of people isn't an easy thing!
However, since many years the staff of Mizuno Marathon organize this great sport event and it's on top!

Reason № 2

Imagine the biggest Beach Volleyball tournament in the World!
Well.. you dont have to imagine because it's Mizuno Marathon itself;)

Reason № 3
Spritz Party

You probably tried this amazing drink Spritz Aperol (an aperitif in Northeast Italy), did you?
I'm sure you liked it!

Did you know that the biggest Spritz party (the name comes from the drink) in Europe is in Bibione during Mizuno Marathon?

Reason 4:
Tons of Beach Volleyball nets

More than 200 nets every year before Mizuno Marathon starts!
It's also the reason why our camp starts just 5 days before the tournament!

Reason 5:
Beach Volleyball camp

And one of the reasons why you should come to Bibione:
Every year, 5 days before Mizuno Marathon we do organize an amazing international Beach Volleyball camp with great coaches from all over Europe!
All levels are welcome!

The party is yet to come!!
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